Saturday Trail Rides

bunny trail ride 1$10.00 per Rider!

On Selected Saturdays (Sept-Dec and Feb-May) at:

11:00am (10:45 check-in)

1:00 pm (12:45 check-in)

2:00 pm (1:45 check-in)

3:00 pm (2:45 check-in)

4:00 pm (3:45 check-in)

After the time change; we will also be offering:

5:00 pm (4:45 check-in)

6:00 pm (5:45 check-in)



Riders MUST pre-register.

Come join us for a fun casual  trail ride along our beautiful and rustic trails.  These rides are open for novices as well as more seasoned riders. We keep these group  rides small in number for more personalized attention from our staff.  Trail rides start with a brief  time in the arena for instructions for beginners or a brush-up for our more seasoned riders. Then we are off for a long leisurely trail ride through our peaceful and scenic ranch vistas. These trail rides are a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon with friends or family!  All rides are staff accompanied.

All riders must be 8* years old or older, and weigh less than 250 lbs. No double riding, even with a parent. In case of inclement weather, rides will be rescheduled.

All registrations must be made at least 24-hours in advance. Thanks.

Price Smash! Just $10 per rider!

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To register click on the Saturday you are interested in:

Feb. 3, 2018     Feb 10, 2018     Feb 24, 2018    Mar. 3, 2018     Mar. 24, 2018     Mar. 31, 2018     Apr. 7, 2018

Apr. 14, 2018     Apr. 21, 2018      Apr. 28, 2018    May 5, 2018




* Younger riders (ages 6-7) MUST have previous independent riding experience.

At least a 24 hour notice must be given for all cancellations or your class will be forfeit. In case of inclement weather, classes will be rescheduled. No refunds.