What Kind of Training Does Your Staff Have?

Bunny and KohliThe Flying G Ranch runs an extensive training and education program for riding instructors. All of our staff are highly trained to assure proper leadership, supervision and safety at all times. Our staff is encouraged to continue their education through our C.H.R.I.S.T. (Christian Horse Riding Instructor’s Seminars and Training) so they can provide the best quality and safe environment for both rider and horse.

Our instructors are given the opportunity to study the latest teaching and horse training methods so they are better equipped at sharing knowledge of horses with their students. Classes are regularly offered to our staff that include methods and philosophies of the best horse trainers and clinicians in the country and around the world.

Our riding instructors are chosen not only for their knowledge of horses but also for their personal life relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Our instructors are dedicated to God and helping youth to experience a life-transforming relationship with Christ and a closer, meaningful walk with Him.

The staff at the Flying G Ranch realize that children’s natural love of animals can provide an ideal way to communicate many Biblical principles. Spiritual analogies and stories about horses and animals are used to illustrate Biblical concepts in an easy to understand format for youth.